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"Our Village" is a mom's club that supports all moms, in all stages of motherhood. Each month activities are scheduled in your local area: Moms Night Out, playgroups, book clubs, family events, charitable events, and more! Celebrate, find support with challenges, and be involved in your community with us. Together we can help each other find our common strength for motherhood!

Every mom needs a village

Connect with the other moms beyond the fitness classes and add value to your FIT4MOM experience by becoming an active part of Our Village.

There is no need to be a member of FIT4MOM St. Louis to participate in these events:


9/29 - 9:00am Zoo Fun! This is the last weekend a few of the summer attractions will be open. To take full advantage of the hour that all attractions are free, so we can see a bunch before it gets too busy, and so it will be easy to find each other, we will follow this "schedule"

  • 9am - park opens and we will head to Stingray Cove
  • 9:20 - walk to the carousel
  • 9:40 - hop on the train at the stop closest to the carousel and circle the park
  • 10:00 - head to the new Grizzly attraction!
  • Will be posted on Facebook and Meetup


10/27 - 9:00am Pumpkinland costume party! We will meet at the North Hanley Theis Farm and enjoy their Pumpkinland activities including: hayride, slide, corn maze, and petting zoo. This is a great excuse to dress up your kiddos in their costumes and there are a ton of cute photo opps. Admission for kiddos 2-14 is $6 and adults $4. Will be posted on Facebook and Meetup

For more information, you may join one of the groups listed below or contact Kristin: text 314.349.5430 email

Want to fit in a little exercise with your kiddo in tow? Meet us at 9:30am most weekday mornings to try Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre - Fitness for mom, fun for baby! Your first class is FREE! Create an account and enroll here:

Note: playgroup/mommy meetups are gatherings for moms and caregivers looking to connect no matter what age their children are! Community and conversation are key... the activity and play are a bonus :)


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