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To keep our community safe, we’ve created online workouts and play groups to keep you (and your littles) active at home. Check out our daily schedule HERE. We can’t wait to “see” you for a workout soon!

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FIT4MOM is the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit.

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FIT4BABY® is designed specifically for moms-to-be. All exercises are carefully selected to prepare your body for the many changes you will experience during pregnancy. You can begin FIT4BABY at any point during pregnancy as the workouts are scientifically- based, purposeful and designed to accommodate your changing body. The 60-minute workout includes cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training and ends with a relaxing meditation; everything you need during this precious time!


Stroller Strides®

Stroller Strides® is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with kids in tow. Each 60-minute workout is comprised of strength training, cardio and core restoration, all while entertaining the little ones with songs, activities and fun! Each Stroller Strides instructor is skilled to meet you where you are mentally & physically. You’ll leave class feeling connected, successful & energized. No more mama guilt! This class is all about self care in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Stroller Barre®

Stroller Barre® is a 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability, and mobility. This workout combines moves inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga to help you regain posture and alignment while strengthening your body from the inside out. Stroller Barre® will help you reconnect with your body, increase flexibility and develop the core strength needed for motherhood.


Body Back® Transformation

Body Back® Transformation is an 8-week, results-based, transformation journey. You will focus on your mind and body improving your overall health and well being. The experience includes high-intensity interval workouts (HIIT) designed to challenge, empower, and recharge you. The program also includes nutrition guidance, supplemental online workouts, accountability, pre and post fitness assessments, and support. This journey will reconnect you to your inner strength and encourage you to believe in personal transformation.


Body Back® Workout

Body Back® Workout is a 60-minute, results-based workout designed to help you reach your full physical potential and reconnect to your inner strength. Our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cycles through cardio, strength, and core work and concludes with a relaxing meditation to help you recharge and head back to your family. Improve your health, fitness, and physical strength while experiencing a personal transformation.

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Run Club+

Whether you're preparing for an upcoming race or simply enjoy running with other like-minded mamas, FIT4MOM Run Club+ is for you. A program for all levels, Run Club+ allows you to run, improve your health and fitness, and connect with other moms through two styles of class: Run Clinics which are designed to correct running form and increase speed and agility, and Run Days designed to increase endurance. No running experience required!

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We hope you get loved on, waited on hand-and-foot, get to enjoy your fave glass-of-whatever, and can soak up some nature today. We are so grateful you are part of our village. You truly make our local neighborhood a community, and we can't thank you enough for standing by us, showing up (in-person and our new normal of virtually), and for supporting your local girl gang. You mean the world to us. Xoxo, Your FIT4MOM St. Louis Instructors: Courtney, Franziska & Kristin

Would you like to virtually connect with other moms? We just began hosting daily coffee chats and we would love for you to join us! Message us your email address and we will add you into our next video call 👩🏽‍💻♥️👩🏼‍💻♥️👩🏿‍💻 Tag 🏷 your friends so they know where to find us too. 💡 Do you have a topic you would like to cover? Comment your ideas! #socialdistancing doesn’t have to mean #socialisolation 👩🏽‍💻♥️👩🏼‍💻♥️👩🏿‍💻 #momlife #mamahoodsisterhood #virtualfriends #quarantine

This mom doc rocks 🙌🏼 ・・・#repost Flu hysteria has now transformed into coronavirus hysteria, and many of you have asked me how worried you should really be. News around COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, we’re not sure whether to panic or stay calm. I always say that knowledge is power, but in this case, because the world has never seen this particular coronavirus, we don’t know a whole lot. Scientists across the world are scrambling to learn more about COVID-19 & possible treatment and prevention strategies, and we are learning more every day. I have to admit that I’m more worried about COVID-19 than I was when Kenzi had the flu with a 105.5 fever. But when I get anxious about something, I try to dig in and get the facts. And that’s what I did - for days … So here are the facts that I’ve uncovered so we can all be calmly and rationally prepared for a COVID-19 pandemic if it occurs. Read on for the most evidence-based research I could find to help us navigate these times with as much knowledge as possible, including a look at what natural treatments may be a possibility. Be forewarned - this is a long article, but I wanted you to have all the information you need in one place, instead of the gazillions of sites and resources I ended up scouring and piecing together. . 💥Let’s fight fear with FACTS.💥 . You can read the article here: (link in bio) . We’ll continue to learn as more research is done, and I’ll update this post to share everything I know so be sure to sign up for my newsletter at to be the first to get the latest updates. . In the meantime, stay calm but be prepared. 🧘‍♀️ . Please share with anyone you know who could benefit. . Wishing you and your family the very best. . xo Holistic mama doc – Elisa Song, MD💕 . P.S. As a disclaimer, I am not in any way recommending natural treatments as a replacement for standard medical care or vaccination, but until that time that medical treatments or vaccination for COVID-19 are developed and approved for use in kids and adults, I will be using all the tools I have that I know can wor

Did you know that craft projects can actually help your child become a better eater in the long run? Will you tag a friend who might want to try this? - more great advice from our friends @feedinglittles ... ・・・ • That’s right - when our kids safely participate in craft projects that allow them to touch and explore different textures and temperatures or use fine motor skills, they’re building on skills they need to be successful eaters. In fact, Judy uses crafting activities with some of her clients to work on specific feeding goals! • Megan here - this is my favorite Halloween decoration because it reminds me of when my kids were little 😭 I found this idea a few years ago on @pinterest {no idea who originally did it} and recreated it when my kids were younger. Now I get all sappy each time we hang it up every October 😭 • You don’t have to be particularly crafty to pull this off, I promise. All you need is some orange and white paint, a sharpie, and a canvas. Simply paint the canvas orange, let it dry, put some white washable tempera paint on your little ones’ feet and make the ghosts {this is the hard part - protect your floor or table!}, let it dry, and then use sharpie for their eyes and words! It’s ok if it’s not perfect and you have ghost blobs - I promise 😍 Use a non-toxic washable tempera paint like Crayola kids paint. Don’t forget to date it on the back! One day you’ll smile looking at those little ghost feet 👶👣🧡🖤🧡🖤 • A note on crafting and trying to “do it all” during the holidays - your kid simply wants YOU. Maybe that means fun crafts and hayrides and baking to celebrate Halloween. Maybe you carve a pumpkin and call it a day. All that matters is spending some meaningful time with your kiddo doing what makes you all happy. Try to not get caught up in what you are or aren’t doing to celebrate with your kids this season - just make meaningful connections during the time you’re able to spend together 🍁🍂

Wilder Child

When we're empowering children to play outdoors, language choice matters! Are we focused on enforcing rules or supporting development? More often than not, the goal with nature-bonded parents is to strengthen connection, development, nervous system regulation and autonomy through specific word choice while ensuring a measure of safety.

Love these redirected, empowering words!

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